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by Hastings Royale on February 17, 2021


Skinny tummy Coffee

One of the most irritating and uncomfortable things to have is a bulging belly. Now with tons of products on the market claiming to work have brought more disappointment than good. Some with aggressive chemical concentrations that have given clients side effects and have discouraged the desperate individuals.


Since 2015 Hastings Royale has always focused on quality product development on every product range. With many people of various ages and gender on the HR SLIM COFFEE by Hastings Royale it has not come as a surprise that Hastings Royale was soon going to tackle the BELLY FAT PROBLEM as promised.


Now the all-natural HR SLIM TUMMY COFFEE formulation is out and available and I tell you there is great reception to this product, and this is why:


  • Has No side effects.
  • Has No chemical concentration.
  • Has a natural energy boosting agent.
  • Increases your metabolism thus also helping in burning belly fat.
  • Will last you a good 38 days and you only have to take it once a day.
  • Can be consumed just like your normal grounded coffee and tastes Great.
  • Packaged in a gold tin thus maintaining the medium roasted coffee flavour.


Checkout the new HR SLIM TUMMY on the link below and start your healthy lifestyle journey:




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