slimming coffee
slimming coffee
slimming coffee
slimming coffee
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Slim Coffee | Hastings Royale 250g

R 450.00

Hastings Royale Slimming Coffee

58 Days Supply

Now you have a natural coffee formulated to aid you lose weight and still enjoy a great cup of quality coffee. Our Slim coffee has been created to help you speed your metabolism and slim you down.
The SLIM COFFEE that comes in our 250g recyclable glass bottle is a combination of high grade coffee beans and other natural ingredients.


* Metabolism Booster
* Energy Boost
* Weight Loss 
* Increase Focus Level



Take 1 Tea-Spoon only per  cup. Pour in 200 ml hot water and let it brew for 4-5 minutes before drinking. Consume on an empty stomach preferably 30 min before breakfast.
*Consume Black
*Strain Coffee before consumption.
*Twice a Day (morning & Afternoon)