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Lucha Denero H20 Black Water is a premium all-natural Alkaline mineral water. LDH20 has no coloring or additives to it. What sets LDH20 premium water apart from many health beverages is its impressive specs and quality.

  • 0% carbs
  • 0% calories
  • 0% sugars
  • 0% caffeine
  • 0% Preservatives 

LDH20 is an alkaline trace mineral drink and contains a pH level of 8,5. The fulvic minerals we use to infuse in water are black in color thus changing the color naturally.

For your body to function at its best, you have to have a balanced pH in your body. LDH20 premium water helps to regulate the high acidic levels caused by our daily diets by providing Alkaline which helps balance the levels.

LDH20 mineral content further helps in Muscle Performance, Joints, Hydration, Skin, and Energy increase. 

Order your 6 pack today. 250 ML per bottle 

Product of: Lucha Denero Luxury brand 

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