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We exist to create, we’re Hastings Royale

Since 2015 we stood on two words, Quality and Innovation. These two words

became the main building blocks for Hastings Royale. Our thinking, production and customer service have been built with these two words.

Hastings Royale was created to break through obstacles of both science and human potential. Through a group of specialised professionals with years and experience in science and fitness we continue the never ending journey of superior world class product formulation. We are forever committed to quality and motivated to inspire goal chasers and athletes in EVERY product that rolls off our production line. We love to COMPETE, but we COMPETE to WIN, we are HASTINGS ROYALE.



But the growth is not stopping yet…….



We are greatly invested in quality and service, thus every production process requires us to use the best material, ingredients and formulas.

Our production teams understand the importance of quality assessment of every product so as to ensure you get the best in results and comfort.



Staying unique but being able to deliver the best results has been made possible with our obsession of innovation perfection. By understanding the needs of our clients worldwide pushes us into solution finding and smart product innovation. THE ART OF CREATING PRODUCTS THE REALLY WORK AND COMFORTABLY ENJOYED.



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