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Hastings Royale Lean Shake
Hastings Royale Lean Shake
Hastings Royale Lean Shake
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Lean Shake

R 850.00

Chocolate Coffee Lean Shake 

Weight Loss Shake & Meal Replacement 

- 950G




  1. Slim Tummy
  2. Significant weight loss results.
  3. High body fat mass reduction.
  4. Impressive body shape improvement.
  5. Metabolism booster. 

For those that strive to be the best, LEAN SHAKE by Hastings Royale is the game changer. We enjoyed formulating the LEAN SHAKE, a unique one-of-a-kind flavour combination we call “CHOCOLATE COFFEE”.

Not only is the flavour unique and impressive, but we also went full out in our product development to bring you a Meal Replacement that reduces your Body Fat and improves your Body Shape. But that’s not all. LEAN SHAKE by Hastings Royale delivers well balanced protein, Carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and other nutrients needed to get you to shred the unwanted body fat.

We know the weight Loss journey can be tough and challenging and almost impossible for many, But this is where LEAN SHAKE by Hastings Royale comes in. Our expert team and partners with years of experience in formulations and research put in time to create a range of products we love to call “the solution”, for we wanted to deliver a solution to individuals who are searching for results, quality and drive.

LEAN SHAKE by Hastings Royale has been formulated with tried and tested ingredients and delivers just as we said on the label.


Directions of use: (Use 6 Days a week )

  1. Add 200ml of chilled water to a shaker (more or less to suit taste).
  1. Add 1 heaped scoop (50g) of powder. ( scoop provided)
  2. Shake well and enjoy.