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Weight Loss coffee | Hastings Royale 250g
Weight Loss coffee | Hastings Royale 250g
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Weight Loss coffee | Hastings Royale 440g

R 850.00

Weight Loss coffee.

96 Days Weight Loss Combo



  1. Extreme Weight Loss. 
  2. Metabolism Booster.
  3. Natural Energy Booster.
  4. Increase Focus Level.

*Free Delivery anywhere in South Africa.


Hastings Royale Weight Loss coffee has been scientifically formulated to aid you in losing weight and ensure better health results. Our formulation is targeted to combat your bodies stubborn weight and boost your metabolism allowing you to shade of the unwanted body weight effectively and safer than any other formulation.

Join the thousands that have experienced and reached amazing goals in just 96 days through Hastings Royale Weight Loss coffee and our Free Home Workout Program.


  • Zero side effects, No added chemicals.
  • Safe for both Male and Female.
  • 100% Natural ingredients.
  • Weight Loss Formulation.
  • Recyclable Glass bottles.
  • Only high grade coffee beans used for all Hastings Royale Coffee formulations.


Weight Loss coffee can be consumed once a day but for maximum results twice a day is advised.

  1. Add 1 Tea-Spoon to 200ml of hot water.
  2. Allow to brew for 4-5 minutes before straining.
  3. Add sugar for taste if desired but no milk.
  4. Strain Coffee before consumption or use our coffee plungers for a finer brew: https://www.hastingsroyale.com/collections/hastings-coffee/products/copper-french-plunger
  5. Consume on an empty stomach preferably 30 min before breakfast.


*Let the weight loss process begin with HASTINGS ROYALE Weight Loss coffee.