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Hair Growth Oil | Hastings Royale 110ml
Hair Growth Oil | Hastings Royale 110ml
Hair Growth Oil | Hastings Royale 110ml
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Hair Growth Oil | Hastings Royale 110ml

R 300.00


If you are looking for a Hair Oil that can give you noticeable growth and repair, Hastings Royale’s Hair Growth Oil is the one you need. One treatment that plays many roles in your hair. 
We created a hair oil that gives your hair a luxurious texture. Our HR oil blends absorb smoothly to restore, repair and motivate growth. Formulated to work on all hair types be it damaged, dry and even color-treated hair. 

How to use  

There are many ways you can use HR Hair Growth Oil: 

  • Apply throughout damp hair as a pre-shampoo or overnight treatment.  
  • Apply to dry hair for extra softness and glow. 
  • Apply on dry hair before going in the sun for protection. 
  • Oil can be used in liquid form or paste. You can place HR Oil bottle in hot water if you desire to use the product in liquid form. 

As an oil treatment

1. Massage conditioning hair treatment throughout scalp in a circular motion. 

2. Wait at least 30 minutes to 24 Hours for best benefits and results. 

3. Rinse and shampoo hair thoroughly. 

  • Use regularly to help maintain hair health. 


The benefits are stunning 

  • Growth.  
  • replenish hair loss. 
  • Heat Protection. 
  • Strengthens hair. 
  • Slows hair greying.  
  • Adds shin and silkiness.